You are so ready to

Show Up and Shine!

Who needs to hear YOUR story?

Hazel Booth, Love and Authenticity Practitioner

Introducing Life Story Coaching with Hazel

There you are!

Hiding your light. Playing small.

Apologizing for

  • Who you are,
  • Where you’ve been, and
  • How you feel.

Knowing that life is passing you by, but just not feeling worthy to give the gift you came to give.

Perhaps you have a splendid career, but you’re not feeling fulfilled.

Or maybe you’ve had “a hard knock life,” and you don’t know where to begin or what you even have to offer.

I see you. I feel you.

I am you.

I’ve literally spent decades snagged on a rock in the middle of the river while my life passed me by. I wanted to go with the flow, but I just kept revisiting that story of feeling broken and not enough and what I made that mean about me.

Perhaps you can relate, as you reflect on your experiences and what you’ve made them mean about you.

Totally forgetting that you are precious, you are here for a purpose, and Life is FOR YOU.

It’s time to hit RESET on what’s not working. To leave that swirling eddy of regret behind. To glean the truth and the treasure from all your pain and struggle. To receive the gift you never wanted and admit that it has helped to grow your wise and compassionate soul. 

It’s time to own YOUR truth and tell YOUR story.

To liberate yourself at last to show up and shine your light in a genuine and generous way.

This 12-month intensive is your chance to dive deep into your stuck spots, get unhooked from what’s holding you back, AND be equipped and empowered to share your story in a way that encourages someone else. Someone who so needs to know that they are not alone. You get them, because you are them. You’ve got them, like no one else, because you’ve been where they are.

It’s an invitation to empowered empathy. To

  • Know Yourself,
  • Love Yourself,
  • Get Over Yourself,
  • So You Can Be Yourself.
  • And FINALLY give the gift you came to give.

This journey is about healing your heart and sharing your story, so that you can show up and shine

in your best, most beautiful way.

As a Life Story Coach, I work with you to own the hard stuff, shed the shame, and bravely shine your light by sharing your story. In a way that honors your heart and uplifts someone else’s.

Over 12 months, I’ll hold nonjudgmental space and create safe community for you to sift and sort through your experiences, acknowledge your accomplishments, and prepare to share the lessons you’ve learned.

I will ensure you feel seen, heard, and unconditionally loved, and that your deepest sorrows are redeemed and not wasted.

How do you see yourself sharing your story?  And with whom?

Whether you want to create a blog or produce a podcast, write a book or speak on stage, it all begins by showing up. As Yourself and, initially, For Yourself.

I will be your coach and mentor on your healing, hero’s journey.

Through personal 1:1 coaching sessions with me each month, we’ll work to uncover and heal what’s been holding you back. To shift the root of painful patterns and predicaments so you can finally leave them behind. And get back into the flow of your one wild and precious life.

We’ll discover the gifts embedded in your most challenging experiences so you can share them from your heart without shame

And muster the courage to show up authentically and unapologetically as YOU, perhaps for the first time.

I will provide a safe space for you to feel seen, heard, and understood on a deep level, surrounded by a community that has your back when you feel most vulnerable.

Together, we will develop your storytelling skills to deliver an impactful message, in conversation with a friend, then on the page or on the stage through

  • Two writing workshops a month to craft your personal stories
  • Two speaking workshops a month to hone your delivery
  • Monthly copy coaching sessions to help you craft a clear, compelling message that attracts your ideal audience, and
  • An amazing community of women who honor strength and beauty in each other.

When we’re in the habit of hiding, one of the hardest things in the world is to show up and be seen.

I used to believe I was broken. So if that’s you, I understand where you’re coming from.

How I longed to be discovered and valued!  But I was reluctant to step out of the shadows, trust myself, and truly be seen. I finally had to accept that I cannot have it both ways.

I believe that every one of us comes into this life with a powerful gift to heal the world, something that only we can give.

But life happens. And we begin to hold ourselves back. Out of fear or shame or unworthiness. We disqualify ourselves based on the very experience that gives us the insight and empathy to be a blessing and an encouragement to others.

If you, like me, have spent too long hiding and you are ready to show up and shine, let me be your coach.

Together, we will cross the Terror Barrier, maybe multiple times, to experience the beautiful, bountiful life that’s in store for you when you let go of your disappointment and live your life’s purpose.

Because you know it’s time. Time to flip the script on the old story you’ve been telling yourself — for way too long.

Time to share the glorious gift that only you can give.

Someone is waiting to hear your story of hope and healing. What are you waiting for?

Test drive this offer here:   Calendly – Hazel Booth   

“Hazel has a unique ability to connect with other people and sense what they need to be comfortable physically and emotionally. She is self-aware and works to do what is best for herself and those she serves.”

 – J. Aaron, psychologist

“Hazel is a gifted, soul-centered coach. Her calm presence, wise insights, and compassionate reflections have helped me move forward in an empowered way.”

 – C. Post

“Hazel is a phenomenal coach, with innate wisdom and a massive heart.  She has a laser vision way of cutting straight to what’s going on with you and telling you what you need to hear (which is sometimes different from what you want to hear). If you are ready to shine, Hazel is your coach.”

  – S. Bakcht